Pool Inspection Peace of Mind

Hire The Right Pool Inspector For The Job!

If you’re buying a home in NJ, in most cases you will hire a home inspector to go through the entire home in order to know if there are any issues and what they may be. This is such an important function when buying a home and hiring the home inspector is one of the single most important responsibilities you have when making this purchase.

Why Hire a Pool Inspector?

If you’re asking why it would be important to hire a swimming pool inspector in NJ as well? That’s a great question with 2 great answers.

  • In NY and NJ, 99% of home inspectors DO NOT perform pool inspections.
  • Aside from the home itself, the swimming pool is probably the most expensive item on the property and can be one of the most expensive items to maintain and repair if something should be wrong.

Many times when it comes to swimming pools, the issues with the pool itself, the pool equipment, the pool decking and fencing and/or the pool accessories may not be so obvious, even to your local pool service company. Many of the issues we discover when performing the pool inspection have gone unnoticed by whoever has been maintaining the pool. Throughout so many of the inspections we have done we have been able to locate problems that have literally saved the home buyer a great deal of time and money. We have been able to find problems that may be small today but can become irreparable should they go untreated.

When purchasing a home with a swimming pool, make sure you have a pool inspection done. Peace of mind and the understanding about what you’re getting yourself into can save you a great deal of money, many aggravating days and sleepless nights. Ignorance can cost you!

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