Pool School 101

Pool School 101: Education with a NJ Pool Inspection.

When we perform a pool inspection, it’s more than just an inspection and a report. Whenever we are hired for a pool inspection we always try to encourage the client to be present. It enables us to answer questions as well as educate them on what exists within the pool environment. We can make suggestions on issues like safety in and around the pool (fencing, diving, cameras, pool alarms, etc.) along with suggestions that can create more fun during the pool season. We can also educate you on what may be necessary during the off season when your pool is closed.

With the experience we have in the pool industry, we can help you understand how the pool was originally constructed, how it operates and provide you with knowledge about basic maintenance and safety. We give you a realistic description of what you should expect once you take ownership of the pool.

Hiring a NJ Pool Inspector or NJ Pool Inspection Company.

Hiring a reputable, licensed and insured pool service company or pool contractor is another area we can provide assistance. It is our responsibility to perform a very thorough and professional inspection and to provide you a comprehensive report of our findings, concerns and recommendations. With the understanding that we are solely a pool inspection and pool leak detection company, we are able to give you a completely objective pool inspection and education. We have no bias or agenda towards creating additional work for ourselves or to sell you anything. Towards the end of our comprehensive written report, we make recommendations for any of the work that may need to take place. These recommendations are based upon prior experience with these contractors and the experience our clients have had.

If you would like to discuss our pool inspections further, Please Contact Atlantic Leak Today.

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