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Leak Detection NJWhen it comes to leak detection, Atlantic has an advantage over many of its competitors.  We are not only a leak detection company but a utility locating company as well.  In many cases, this advantage is the difference between being able to perform a proper leak detection or not.   A major issue when we go out to locate a potential leak is the lack of information we receive when we arrive on-site.  Most of the time our clients only have an assumption of where the underground water line is located.  The truth is, without utility maps or any reference material to rely on, it is really just a guess as to where the underground utility actually runs.  This is a major obstacle considering it is critical to know the exact location of the line so when we are listening with our ground microphones above the leak, we can actually hear it.  Some of our competitors will come out and simply “eyeball” the most sensible path.  We at Atlantic have the ability to use the best utility locating technology on the market to locate the water main and increase the chances of locating a leak.

Noise CorrelatorUnderstanding the precise location of the water line is especially important when we are using our noise correlating technology.  When working with water mains, a leak or noise correlator is the leading water leak detection technology on the market today.  Rather than begin by walking around with a ground microphone hoping to hear the leak, a noise correlator does a majority of the listening for us.   This computerized instrument uses two sensors placed on valves or hydrants along the line suspected of having a leak. These amplified sensors transmit the vibrations caused by the leak to the computer.  The pipe material, diameter and length between sensors are then entered into the software. The leak correlator will then indicate on screen the distance that the leak is located in relation to the valves where the sensors were placed.  We can then confirm this location utilizing our ground microphones.  In a water system wide survey, sensors/loggers can be moved from valve to valve checking each pipe length, city block or fire loop for the presence of a water main leak.

The success and accuracy of any locate depends on so many factors including many of the following:Leak Detection NY

  • Pipe material
  • Pressure in the system
  • Ambient noise level
  • Depth of the pipe.
  • Location of the pipe(s).
  • What is the diameter of the pipe?
  • What are the locations of the valves?
  • Are the valve boxes cleaned out and the valves visible?
  • What kinds of drawings or utility maps are available to us?
  • Water usage at the time of the leak detection
  • Environmental and traffic noise (wind, rain, etc.)
  • Machinery nearby
  • Other nearby utilities

4An issue we often run into is, without knowing the exact path and lineal footage of the line, it becomes very challenging to perform an accurate leak correlation.  The software relies on the accuracy of this information.  In most cases we are able to locate buried water lines by applying the use of our utility locating equipment which includes GPR, EM and FM technology to give us the necessary information to get the job done right.

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