December 9, 2011 2:21 am

At a first glance, the sculpture across from the Facilities Services building looks like a pipe leak with water pouring out, but with closer observation it becomes clear that it’s purposely leaking water. The artist who created the unique piece is Steve Linn, and it is named Pasadena Watermain Break.

The piece may look familiar to some, as it was previously located in One Colorado in Old Town Pasadena before it was donated to PCC by the city about five years ago. Former dean of Visual Arts and Media Studies Alex Kritselis arranged the donation. Vice President of Administrative Services Richard van Pelt did the installation design work and he, along with Kritselis, chose the spot for it on campus. “Alex Kritselis and I determined where it should be placed…we placed it where it is for two reasons. First, was its relationship with facilities repair work, and second, because of its relationship with the swimming pool…it made sense to have a watermain break alongside the pool,” said van Pelt in an email. Plumbers, gardeners, and electricians in Facilities Services did the installation work.

Van Pelt said he was attracted to the art piece many years ago when it was first installed in One Colorado, and was happy to have it placed on campus. “It is interesting to me that many people really do think that the pipe is leaking in real life. We have received calls from people letting us know that the repair is not working, and the pipe has sprung a leak again,” said van Pelt. The dimensions of the piece are 98′ x 75′ x 18′ and it is made of carved and laminated glass, bronze, pipe, fiberglass, and concrete, said Cindy Smith, administrative assistant to van Pelt, through an email. Linn uses a lot of wood, bronze, and glass in his sculptures. His work can be seen on


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