November 23, 2011 3:15 pm

Leak Detection Tool Simplifies Well Monitoring

Omega Well Monitoring launched a tool — the Leakator — that is optimized to locate leaks and monitor downhole flow.

The patent-pending tool was developed in response to the increasing requirements of the industry to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs by monitoring well integrity.

The tool’s run-it-yourself capability means an existing onsite crew can operate it without the need for further staff.  There are no moving parts and only the o-rings and detachable batteries need to be replaced during servicing.

A modular memory instrument, the Leakator uses multiple sensor arrays with synchronized data from the sensors that is merged and plotted against depth to highlight local variations in the well. This provides an indication of leaks. Optional sensor modules enable additional data to be monitored, including differential temperature, flow and flow direction.

The sensors are physically distributed and have a balanced output, allowing extreme sensitivity to very small local anomalies of temperature and flow. A surface read-out capability is also possible.

Operators can customize the set-up to fit the specific requirements of each individual job, determined by the various well conditions. And the tool’s 25-mm diameter means it can access all zones, according to the company.

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