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The Future of Leak Detection is Here

The technology of membrane integrity testing can now be integrated into fully automated systems. Regular on-demand vector mapping tests can’t notify you if a breach occurs after the testing is complete. Our real-time Leak Detection and Monitoring Systems alert you to potential trouble as soon as it occurs and long before it becomes a big problem.

The Importance of a Roof Monitoring System

Your roof serves as the fifth wall of your building. The roof must withstand extreme conditions such as heat, ice, UV light, heavy rains, high winds, chemical spills, and rooftop traffic. Roofing systems must be 100% effective to keep water out of the building.

A roof can leak for weeks, months, or even years before it is noticed inside the building; eventually causing severe damage to the interior.

When water penetrates through the roof membrane it will begin to saturate and spread through the insulation. A roof can absorb more than 50-gallons of water before the insulation becomes saturated and begins to leak inside the building. Wet insulation is also useless and has no remaining R-value, increasing your energy and repair costs.

Some building owners and managers wait until a leak into the building occurs to be alerted to a failing system. Others rely on our real-time Leak Detection and Alert Systems to minimize threats and get ahead of system issues.

A proactive approach has the added benefit of reducing the risk of a leak – a leak that can quickly cause minor problems to become expensive repairs, may void the manufacturer’s warranty, and will likely cause costly tenant problems.

Benefits of LEAKSHIELD®

Atlantic Leak Detection’s LEAKSHIELD® is the most advanced electronic roof monitoring system ever developed. It ensures complete protection from the risks and costly repairs associated with moisture entering the roofing envelope and damaging your building. Our customer’s benefit from additional financial savings and the longest possible service life for their roofs.

• Monitor the envelope in real time 24/7.
• Archive data for detailed event driven reports.
• Provide automatic alerts to multiple parties.
• Anticipate leaks and repairs.
• Prevent disruption to your business.
• Proactive – not Reactive – Facility Management.
• Full Integration with Building Management System

Call 888-696-6429 to get protected.

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