Pool, Spa & Fountain Leak Detection, Underwater Repairs & Consulting

Pool, Spa & Fountain Leak Detection, Underwater Repairs & Consulting

Atlantic Leak Detection is your #1 source for locating leaks in swimming pools, spas and fountains.  Whether you’re a property owner, pool builder/installer, maintenance or property management company in need of finding your leak, we can help.  Additionally, we are experts in this field and offer professional consulting and expert witness testimony.

Our company makes sure to use the most non-invasive, non-destructive leak detection technologies to pinpoint the source of the leak. Precise locating will save you time, money and potential serious damage caused by a leak and will prevent your property from looking like a construction site when making any necessary repairs.

Our non-destructive leak detection services include locating:

  • Pool Leaks
  • Spa Leaks 
  • Fountain Leak
  • Therapy, Swim and Plunge Tank Leaks
  • Water Tank Leaks
  • Specialty Equipment Leaks

Our equipment and methodology includes:

  • Diving and underwater testing (SCUBA Certified)
  • Pressure testing (air and/or water) 
  • Tracer gas testing (Helium molecular analyzers) 
  • Electronic leak detection 
  • Acoustic technology (electronic ground mics)
  • Underwater Repairs 

Water levels can fluctuate due to environmental factors such as evaporation, humidity, wind, air, and water temperature. These factors can cause as little as an 1/8” or as much as 2” of water loss per week.

Water loss may also be occurring due to a leak.  In fact, a leak as small as a pinhead in a swimming pool can waste as much as 360,000 gallons of water per year.  That’s why we use the latest leak detection technology to pinpoint leaks inside your pool, spa or fountain as well as fractured or compromised pipes underground.

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