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Minimize the Damage to Your Swimming Pool

Pool Water Levels: Lower the water level to the bottom of the tile line, just below the skimmer (as if you were winterizing the pool). Do not lower water levels more than 6″ from the top of pool; doing so could create serious damage to the shell of your pool. When you lower your water, always turn off the power to your equipment to avoid damaging the equipment.

Power To The Equipment: Turn the power off at the breaker. If you cannot turn the power off, disable the timer to the pool equipment. Manual timers can be flipped to the off position and the trippers on the dial should be removed.

Gas Heaters: Turn gas off.

Pool Area Accessories: Bring anything you can inside away from the pool area. If you cannot bring it inside, tie it down. Remember to take down your patio umbrellas, bird feeders, wind chimes, tiki torches and potted or hanging baskets. If you can’t bring your glass patio table inside, turn it upside down and place it next to the house.

Garden And Flower Beds: You do not want mulch or mud in your pool. If you can’t cover your beds, use water bags around the pool to divert the mulch and mud from going into the pool.

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