October 25, 2011 9:54 pm

THE old post office building at Buderim will be safe from any surprise water bills, thanks to a new device. An AquaTrip water leak detection and metering controls system was fitted at the building this week under the watchful eye of Member for Buderim and shadow minister for Water and Utilities Steve Dickson. The AquaTrip, the brainchild of two south-east Queensland-based brothers, detects and shuts off any leaks or uncontrolled water flows.

Plumbing industry identity Greg Morgan, who is involved with launching the product, said it had the potential to save businesses and households thousands of dollars in excess water bills. Mr Morgan said a trial at a Gold Coast park with two taps and two bubblers had saved $40,000 in water from previously undetected leaks in pipes. “Basically, the product works on flow rates … you put in a pre-determined time,” he said. Mr Morgan said that as an example, the AquaTrip could be set to turn the water off if it ran for more than 20 minutes without a break. If someone left home without turning the hose off at the tap, the device would turn the water off after 20 minutes, he said

Mr Morgan said the device could also be set to keep a tally of water usage and give off an alarm if the usage exceeded a pre-determined quota. He said the AquaTrip ranged from $140 for a basic household model to $300 and was fitted at the water meter by a plumber. It could also be fitted to tanks, he said. “It’s only got to save one tankful of water and it’s paid for itself,” he said.

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