If you hear the term “leak in the service line” it most likely means that you as the homeowner (business or property owner) are going to be responsible to locate the leak and repair this water line leak. Let me explain. The term “service line” in most cases describes the water main line that comes from the main shut-off valve (or curb stop) in the street going your house or building. This term also includes all the water lines that “Tee” off of the water main. It does not matter if your water meter is in your house or in the ground near the curb at the street; these lines are still considered yours. Since these lines predominantly run on your property, you can bet it automatically becomes your responsibility.

Almost all water utility companies will come out to your property and perform a simple leak test to determine if the leak is on the public side or the private side. Any leak found at or behind the main shut-off valve on the street (public side) is the responsibility of the water company. If the water company determines that the leak is after the main shut-off in the street on the service line to your property, you will need to investigate and find the leak yourself.

If it becomes your responsibility to find the leak yourself then you need to call a water line leak detection company to survey the situation. Water companies will usually issue a warning and give you a reasonable amount of time to address and correct the problem. If you choose to ignore your responsibility to address the issue the water company has the right to shut your water service down. Although this seems to be an extreme measure to take, the reality is that without this tactic in place neglect would amount to millions and millions of gallons of water per day being wasted. This equates to huge monetary losses for the water companies, potential for damage to be caused and a reckless waste of nature’s most valuable resource.

When we are called to perform a leak detection on a service line we always try to determine if the leak is in fact on the private side. There have been many instances where we did not find any evidence of a leak on the service line which forced the water company to revisit and re-evaluate their conclusion. Broken curb stops (valves), fast meters, poor leak detection results are some of the realities we face every day on behalf of our clients.

If you have a leak and need to locate it without digging up your entire property, CALL or CONTACT US TODAY!!