Ground Penetrating Radar offers a non-intrusive and non-destructive method of surveying the Subsurface and Concrete Imaging. Besides being a highly economical non-disruptive technique, it is also a rapid way of obtaining subsurface information. Some of the many advantages of Ground Penetrating Radar include:

  • Versatility – Metallic and non-metallic utilities can be located.
  • Safety – GPR is non-disruptive, benign technology which makes it safe for use in public spaces.
  • Speed – Surveys can be completed quickly, which makes them more cost-effective. Large areas can typically be surveyed in a day.
  • Accessibility – Only single-sided access is needed which makes it ideal for surveying floors, walls, decks, slabs, tunnels and balconies.
  • Time saving – GPR provides high-resolution continuous survey data that can be interpreted qualitatively, in real time.
  • Modern technology – GPR technology is faster, safer and lower cost than radiography (X-ray).
  • Understandable – Reports are user-friendly, providing clients with an understanding of the investigation that can be presented at an in-house level.