FAQs of Body Temperature Screening

What is an EBT-Screen?

IR TempCheck™ is a SAFE, fast, non-contact, non-invasive way to screen individuals for Elevated Body Temperature and feverish symptoms related to viral infections such as Covid-19.
It is 100% SAFE!

How does IR TempCheck™ Work?

Our systems work off the basic fundamentals of Infrared Thermography and Non-Contact Thermometry. All of our screening solutions work by measuring the temperature across the surface of an object, such as your skin.
Our systems use AI Facial Recognition software to collect facial temperatures from different scenarios for self-learning and adjusts the alarm threshold in real time by adapting to changes in ambient temperature. This also helps prevent false positives from fluctuations in morning, mid-day and evening temperature.
When an elevated temperature is detected, the individual’s temperature is taken a second time with a Non-Contact IR Thermometer (NCIRT). All of our Infrared Cameras and NCIRT’s are FDA 510(k) cleared.

What type of facilities are using IR TempCheck™?

Facilities and businesses of all shape and size are putting systems in place to actively and safely screen individuals coming into the building, for fever. Our systems can be custom fitted to work with almost any facility, regardless of size, location or function.

Does IR TempCheck™ treat or stop Illness?

No, IR-TempCheck™ is a system, used to diagnose elevated temperature. It is a formidable means used to help keep facilities protected by screening individuals for a fever. This is a proactive approach to help ensure you are taking strong and intelligent measures to safely remain open and maintain a healthy environment.

How is privacy and identity protected?

IR-TempCheck™ systems can record and can be set to NOT record any personal information. Our systems work in a confidential manner and we do not share any imagery or information with others.

What is required?

Atlantic Testing Services provides just about everything you will need for an accurate and safe screening process. Our only requirement from you, is an electric source and connection for our system.

Can IR TempCheck™ Equipment See Through My Clothes/Garments?

No! IR TempCheck™ screening systems, along with any thermal imaging camera, cannot see through clothes. It cannot see through eyeglasses or through your skin.

How much does it cost and how do I use it?

Each of our turnkey solutions are custom fit to optimize results and client experience. We offer both a flexible “Lease and Train” program as well as a customized purchase of a “System Package” and training package. In both cases we offer our proprietary training course for your employees and all equipment necessary. Each certification course is 2-3 days.

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