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IR TempCheck™ is a fever detection and screening service offered by Atlantic Testing Services, which has been providing non-invasive testing services, including infrared analysis, for over a decade. IR TempCheck™ is designed to screen individuals for a possible viral infection such as Coronavirus (COVID- 19).

IR TempCheck has been a successful solution for many organizations. There have been major disruptions to business’ and normal life. There is increased demand for organizations to take proactive action and show their customers, employees, and tenants that they are doing something to keep them safe. Our clients need help providing a sense of safety and comfort.

IR Temp check offers fully customizable solutions. We provide the equipment, training, and support you need. IR TempCheck and Atlantic Testing Services provide vital expertise in Non-Invasive testing services. We’ve been doing this for over a decade. We understand the logistics and technology involved in successful screening systems.

IR Temp Check Services

Infrared analysis is not point and shoot. It requires proper calibration of equipment. Knowledge of thermography science and skill in technical adjustments are key to successful fever screening. Our Infrared Experts are ready and available to provide that expertise and support.

You can count on us to actually take the time to understand your needs, adjust to them, and design the perfect system for you. Call us today and discover the difference IR TempCheck™ makes.



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Passive systems run quietly, out of the way, and keep people moving through locations as normal. Passive systems send notifications to facility personnel of any individuals displaying potential feverish symptoms, but do not save any information.



If accuracy and safety are of the utmost importance, IR TempCheck™ Intensive systems come with the most advanced hardware. These systems employ a second layer of body temperature verification and are capable of saving facial and temperature information from those who tested positive for fever and are potentially sick with COVID-19 or other respiratory viruses.



No matter your goals, IR TempCheck™ has a system to fit your needs. We develop systems for all price points and situations. We make it easy to lease or purchase equipment, and take the time to understand what’s best for your organization.





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