As an emergency essential business, we provide critical support for all facilities, including construction, manufacturing, processing, and healthcare.

Atlantic Testing Services will be open 24/7 to meet your needs. We have a Covid-19 Action & Safety Protocol in place in the event our services are required. Stay safe and healthy!

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Electronic Leak Detection

Choose Atlantic Leak Detection’s Private Utility Locating professionals to pinpoint and utility markout underground utilities which include communication, electric, gas, water, septic and sewer lines.
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Infrared Services

For the majority of roofing systems, Infrared Moisture Surveys are the most effective way to locate and document water intrusion.
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Utility Locating Services

Damage prevention to the utilities, as well as, the safety to the community is the foremost concern prior to excavation.
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Choose Atlantic Leak Detection and Utility Locating

“Our commitment is to provide exceptional services that enable solutions, savings and safety for our clients. Our traditional values and modern technology are the foundation of our company mission as an industry leader.”

    • We Employ Only Expert Certified Technicians

    • We Utilize the most advanced technology

  • We are Reliable, Trustworthy and Professional

  • We operate under the standards set forth by world leading organizations

  • We’ve located over 13,000 leaks and thousands of miles of buried utilies.

We Provide Solutions For

  • Condominiums

  • Data Centers

  • Green Roofs

  • Government Facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Museums & Galleries

  • Hotels

  • Schools