Flat Roof Leak Detection

Flat Roof Leak Detection – Nationwide Testing

Testing Flat Roof Membranes

Atlantic Leak Detection is New Jersey’s and New York’s most trusted professionals when it comes to testing Flat Roofs.

Flat roofs can develop leaks for a large variety of reasons and at any point in their lifespan. Workers can accidentally (and unknowingly) pierce a roof’s waterproof membrane even before construction is completed. Extreme weather, poor design and poor construction can all conspire to create leaks. These leaks are often too small to spot with the naked eye, yet if left can cause substantial damage to a building’s structure in no time at all.

With the amount of rainfall and snow that both New Jersey and New York see throughout the winter months, it makes sense to locate leaks in flat roofs at the earliest opportunity. It allows for repairs to be made before it’s too late. Atlantic Leak Detection utilizes the latest in scientific electronic technology to pinpoint these flat roof leaks across New Jersey and New York.

We offer two types of Flat Roof Membrane Electronic Leak Detection.

Both are designed to locate leaks in flat roof membranes such as single-ply, asphalt, bitumen and liquid applied roofs.

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