Flat Roof Membrane Leak Detection in NJ & NY

Flat Roof Membrane Leak Detection

Have a leaky flat roof?  Several factors can contribute to leaks on a flat roof.  They can occur during installation or sometime after the roof is installed.  Some common reasons for flat roof leaks include: construction errors that lead to breaks in the flat roof’s waterproof membrane, damage from extreme weather, and poor construction or design.  Flat roof leaks are notoriously hard to detect; the small breaks in the membrane may not be detectable with a regular visual inspection.  However, these small leaks can lead to a surprisingly large amount of damage if left unfixed.

If you suspect a leak in your flat roof, you want to find the problem and fix it as soon as possible.  Using cutting-edge scientific technology, Atlantic Leak Detection is able to pinpoint the exact location of a flat roof leak, shortening detection time and speeding up the repair process.


We offer two types of Electronic Flat (and low slope) Waterproof Membrane Leak Detection.


  • ALD LV – Atlantic Leak Detection’s Low Voltage method commonly referred to as Electronic Field Vector Mapping.  This system can work under wet conditions because it uses Low Voltage Technology that works with the wetness.  Our technology utilizes the conductive properties of water to allow the technician to locate the source or origin of a leak.  This technology has been in the roofing industry for the last 40 years.
  • ALD HV – Atlantic Leak Detection’s  High Voltage method, which can be used even when the roof is dry.   This HV method relies on passing a current in the form of a high voltage arc, between the membrane surface and the building’s structure, via pinholes, punctures or failed laps

Both methods are designed to locate leaks in flat roof membranes such as:

  • Single-Ply
  • Asphalt
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Liquid Applied Roofs
  • Built Up Felt
  • Hot Melt Systems

NOTE: Our Equipment Does Not Work On EPDM.  EPDM Contains a Carbon Filler Which Is Conductive

We are a full-service flat-roof maintenance and repair company.  In addition to commercial roof leak detection NJ and commercial roof leak detection NY, we offer:

  • Annual preventative maintenance programs, performing leak and integrity testing.
  • Patented and permanent 24-hour, 7-day a week leak detection monitoring systems.
  • ConDuct™ Mesh sales and installation (creates the ability to perform Electronic Leak Detection at any time in the future regardless of any overburden/amenity space installed. ConDuct™ Mesh must be installed prior to the insulation, drainage mat and waterproof membrane)

For further information and our testing specification please visit us online at www.AtlanticLeak.com or call us at 888-696-6429

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