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Do You Think Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced? We Say “Probably Not”!


Atlantic Leak Detection is a leading firm specializing in Electronic Leak Detection on Flat Roof Membranes. Over the past year ALD has embarked on extending our leak detection service to include new ways of saving our client’s time, money and frustration. We’ve come up with a cost-effective way that works and the reception has been overwhelming.

“We are committed to helping property managers and building owners extend the life of their roofs, both new construction and existing installations, through a combination of preventative maintenance test methods and procedures”.

For as long as there have been roofing contractors, inspectors and consultants, there hasn’t been a firm dedicated to a cost-effective preventative maintenance service for flat and low sloped commercial roofs. What makes us unique in this arena, is the fact that we are not a roofing company and therefore have no interest in selling you a new roof. By removing this aspect form our equation, we can provide a “No-Conflict” service that objectively serves your needs and best interests.

Through a combination of visual, thermal and scientific electronic test methods we can determine the integrity of the membrane, if and where there is damage, and address the situation as necessary. In most cases, as little as 5%+/- of the roof system may de deficient. Determining this in early stages will eliminate the need to replace an entire roof, savings hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Utilizing the latest technology, our test and inspection methods can locate the smallest of breaches with pinpoint accuracy. We can also determine where water may be gathering beneath the membrane. Furthermore, if you are installing a new roof we strongly suggest installing our ConDuct™ Mesh beneath the membrane, which now provides the capability for the roof membrane to be electronically tested throughout the life of your roof.

Our Gaussen™ Real-Time Leak Detection and Alert System (unlike on-demand electronic testing that only tell you where the leak is after water has entered the building) alerts you to breaches before they become big problems. This system can be installed before or after the waterproof membrane. If you are looking for a smart building system that integrates with all your automation, then look to Atlantic Leak Detection. This is especially important as the roofing industry moves so quickly into mixed use space.

For more information on our Preventative Maintenance services, call us at 888-696-6429 or email us at service@AtlanticLeak.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]