Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection

When it comes to commercial leak detection, Atlantic has an advantage over many of its competitors.  We are not only a leak detection company but a utility locating company as well.  In many cases, this advantage is the difference between being able to achieve the expected results or not.

We have successfully performed leak detections on hundreds of miles of water mains, fire loops, service and distribution lines.

Our Leak Detection Services Include:

  • Locating Water Main Leaks
  • Leak Detection Audits and Surveys (Commercial, Municipal)
  • Fire Main Leaks
  • Service and Distribution Line Leaks
  • Hydrant and Valve Leaks

Our Methods and Equipment include:

  • Digital Leak Correlators and Loggers 
  • Infrared Cameras – Thermal Leak Detection
  • Pressure Testing (Air, Water)
  • Tracer Gas Testing (Helium molecular analyzers)
  • Electronic Acoustic Technology

Water main leaks are a serious problem that cannot be ignored. It doesn’t matter if you are on a farm in Colts Neck, NJ, a university in Pennsylvania, or on the streets of New York City, these leaks can lead to:

  • Non-Revenue Water(NRW) / Excessively Higher Water Bills
  • Ground Erosion / Sink Holes
  • Irreparable Damage to Structure / Property
  • Millions of Wasted Gallons of Water Per Year

Leak correlating is an advanced piece of technology that is in some cases, the only way to find a subsurface leak. Electronic ground microphones are a great tool to use when you want to find a leak but without proper and extensive field training, either method may yield negative results.  We like to say “Leak Detection is Part Science and Part Art”.  Experience will make all the difference which is why we are considered the #1 Leak Detection Company in the tristate area.


For further information or to speak to a leak detection expert, please visit us online at www.AtlanticLeak.com or call us at 888-696-6429

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