Ground Penetrating Radar

Accurate Ground Penetrating Radar Services in Atlantic County and Bergen County, New Jersey

Ground Penetrating Radar

Before undertaking a landscaping or building project, it’s vital to be aware of what pipes and cables are laid in the area to be worked on. All too often, property owners won’t have a clear idea of the location of a sewage pipe or waterline before starting a construction job. This can lead to a pipe being broken during the work, creating additional inconvenience and expense. To avoid this frustrating and costly scenario, many people are choosing to have the path of their pipes mapped out, using penetrating radar services. We operate a high-quality GPR (ground-penetrating-radar) service, enabling you to easily find out where your infrastructure is placed without disturbing it in any way.

Non-Invasive Pipe Mapping Using High-Grade Imaging Equipment

GPR equipment incorporates both a receiver and a transmitter. When in use, the transmitter sends out a radio signal, which bounces off the pipe. The radio waves bounce back and are picked up by the receiver, which uses advanced technology to digitize them, resulting in images which our technicians are able to interpret in order to determine exactly where your pipework lies. The technology can be used not only to show where your sewage pipes and similar infrastructure might be but also to check for archaeological remains, unmarked graves, foundations and similar sub-surface features.

GPR Equipment Rental

GPR Equipment Rental Available Now

We are contractors that are able to provide GPR testing equipment that’s suitable for a wide range of different circumstances. Whether you’re just about to start a project and need confirmation of what’s beneath your feet in order to minimize the risk of collateral damage, or have commissioned some sub-surface work and want confirmation that it’s been completed correctly, GPR imaging gives you the evidence you need. We are experienced contractors who are able to successfully complete GPR imaging in many different locations; even if you have a tricky area that’s not easily accessible, or are part way through a project and need some quick confirmation that there’s nothing untoward in the next section of ground to be excavated, our skilled team can provide you with the information you’re looking for. One of the major advantages of GPR is that it’s non-invasive. This means that your ground is not going to be disrupted when we work. This feature is particularly useful when an unmarked grave or similarly sensitive feature is suspected to be present.

Reasonable Prices for Your GPR Services in Bergen County and Atlantic County, New Jersey

As a seasoned provider of GPR services and a range of other options for local property owners, we are well aware that cost is always an issue for our clients. That’s why we price the services we offer competitively, offering a suite of high-quality options for a fair, honest cost. We value your business and will always do our best to give you the top-grade results you deserve. To find out more about the advantages of GPR and how we can work with you to give you the outcomes you’re looking for, call us at (732) 546-3800.




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