Utility Locating Services throughout NJ, NY and PA Can Save You Considerable Trouble

Are you planning to install a sprinkler system, extend your home or place a swimming pool into your back yard? Do you know the position of your power cables? What about your water pipes? Unfortunately, every year, property owners discover that they, or their contractor, has inadvertently severed an electricity line, or fractured a vital sewerage pipe. Why take the risk? As utility location specialists, we can come out and identify the location of all your utility pipes, minimizing the risk of an accidental fracture or break.

We Check For a Wide Range of Utilities

Although most people are aware that there will be electricity cables and water pipes connected to their home, did you know that there may also be communication cables, gas pipes, septic pipes and sewer pipes in the vicinity? Even if your home doesn’t currently use gas or doesn’t have a land line, it could still be the case that connection pipes are located underground. Our specialist team will thoroughly search your property, locating each and every utility.

Our Company Works With Homeowners and Contractors

If, as a contractor, you cause damage by unintentionally fracturing a utility pipe, it could well be the case that you end up getting sued. In some cases the utility company, as well as the person you’re contracted to work for, could end up litigating against you. We are utility locating specialists that offer a straight-forward, effective solution, allowing you to work safely round any existing utility pipes.

One-Stop Solution for Your Utility Locating Services in NY, PA and NJ

You can use our utility locating service at any stage of your project, although it’s normally best to involve us as soon as possible, so that the information we provide can be used to inform your planning process. If you need to know where utilities are so that you can undertake construction safely, we can help. To find out more or to book our services, you can call us at (732) 546-3800 (NJ); (718) 576-2033 (NY) or (215) 867-8150 (PA).

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