Atlantic Leak Detection is your #1 company in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania for Flat Roof Electronic Leak Detection, Pool Leak Detection and Repair, Water Main Leak Detection, Pool Inspections, Underwater Repairs and Private Utility Locating. The owners boast a combined 20+ years in leak detection, swimming pool construction, repairs and service, along with general construction. At Atlantic Leak Detection we are constantly improving our leak detection methods and practices as well as utilizing the most advanced leak detection technology and equipment on the market today.

Atlantic Leak Detection Company has two strategic locations, one in New Jersey and the other in New York. Our leak detection services cover the entire state of New Jersey, New York (including all of Long Island), Eastern Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Twelve Reasons to Choose Atlantic Leak Detection:

  1. Atlantic Leak Detection’s “Non-Destructive Leak Detection” methods assure a timely and economic outcome and ensure that the damage to your property is reduced or completely eliminated. This leak detection practice will result in saving money and unnecessary damage.
  2. We find our customers prefer an accurate price up front for our leak detection service. This estimate can usually be given over the phone in just a few minutes!
  3. Have peace of mind knowing that we are licensed, and insured. Atlantic Leak Detection is a member of NERCA, NULCA, CGA, APSP and NESPA.. Our leak detection and utility locating technicians operate by the standards set forth by these organizations.
  4. Residential, Commercial & Municipal Leak Detection, Flat Roof and Waterproofing Membrane Leak Detection & Testing, Pool, Fountain & Spa Leak detection, Pool Leak Repairs, Pool Inspections and Private Utility Locating are all we do. We locate and DO NOT try and sell anything else.
  5. Upon completing the leak detection or utility markout, we provide detailed reports of our findings to all of our customers, whether you’re a contractor, building owner or homeowner, developer, insurance company, landlord or property management company.
  6. Leak repair estimates can also be provided, allowing you to compare and shop pricing.
  7. We believe in open lines of communication and can be reached by phone, email or fax 24/7/365 for leak detection or utility locating.
  8. We will be punctual, courteous, clean and professional before, during and after completing a leak detection or utility locate job.
  9. Our insurance exceeds almost all limits & requirements in our field.
  10. Each and every leak detection and utility locate is overseen and/or performed by an owner. Whether roof leak detection & testing, pool leak detection, pool leak repair or any other leak detection scenario, you can count on Atlantic Leak Detection for results.
  11. Atlantic Leak Detection has the leak detection equipment, experience and instinct necessary to find the problem quickly.
  12. In most emergency leak detection cases or immediate utility locating needs, we offer 24 hour, same day service.

If you think you may have a leak or if you have a question on leak detection, testing or utility locating, Contact Atlantic Leak TODAY!!